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I work with a Canon 5D Mark II which is today still as new and impeccable as an artistic tool as it was the first day. I use as a flash the Speedlight 580EX. For both, camera and flash, I can’t imagine anything better. In addition, as to the incredible robustness of the camera, note that it fell twice out of my fingers because of my inattention, and it fell on a hard tile floor. It had not a scratch, nor was there any damage to the lens.

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 5D Mark II

I bought my 5D Mark II with three lenses:

  • EF 24-105 mm/f4 L IS USM zoom This lens, which is often sold as a kit lens with the 5D, is a very good all-day-round lens, and so versatile that in hindsight I could have done without all the others, except the 100 mm macro that I am using a most of the time for food photography. However, the lens, after now four years, has one slight disadvantage. It’s that when you hold the camera vertically, the lens zooms in by itself, which means that the tightness of the lens has given way. I will thus give it to the service station to tighten it again.
  • EF 16-35 mm/f2.8 L II USM zoom An excellent lens! Very good and solid built lens and the zoom wheel tighter than with the 24-105. Excellent quality, ideal for landscape shots and architecture. What is good has a price!
  • EF 100 mm/2.8 L IS USM macro An outstanding lens! I just love this lens. It is both from the sharpness, the solidity and the lens quality the best lens of all the four I bought! And it has a very powerful anti-shake function. However, this function gives a slight noise, so when you take video with this lens, either turn off anti-shake or use an external microphone so as to avoid the lens noise to be recorded in your video!
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