You got some Panzani Italian Pasta that are colored red and green using tomato and spinach juice. You got some leek and garlic. You got some olive oil. You got bay leaf and fresh red chilli, up to taste.

You got one Maggi Kub for flavoring the broth in which you cook your pasta (only 3 min.). You got a strainer to drain your pasta. You put a few grains of gross salt (mine is from the Camargue) when you stir-fry your leek-garlic mix, no more than 5 min. and you add your pasta, then a little splash of boiling water, and stir 3 more minutes.

Then heat your bowl and serve. Eat with chopsticks. It’s meant to be Asian food:) It’s meant to be a little spicy but not too much, just enough to enhance your digestion.

It was my early dinner for today, replacing tea time.