The fastest and lightest salad I ever made. Now at midnight. And it is light enough, with a glass of white wine, to prepare for sleep. Impossible for me to sleep on an empty stomach, but recently I had White Beans Soup late at night and it was a real bother during the night.

Beans are heavy to digest, so are to avoid as late night food. What about shrimps simmered in salted butter with white wine or sautéed oysters, no problem at all for late-night-working guys.

And by the way, no time wasted for making a dressing. I am using a ready-made Japanese salad dressing that is really delicious! (Not only for the convenience: I was never good at making salad dressing for I put either too much vinegar or too much oil, so I gave up on it).

However, I do add some extra virgin olive oil to the dressing which makes it even more succulent!

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